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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing W-2c instructions 2022

Instructions and Help about W-2c instructions 2022

The clergy w-2 brought to you by arlene l schultz CPA welcome to your clergy w-2 for tax year 2022 this brief video will teach you how to complete the 2022 form w-2 for your clergy employee who is a resident of New Jersey at the end of this video we will show the slight difference for preparing the Pennsylvania w-2 please pause this video now and take some time to read this document fully prepare your answers and then continue the video to join us in examining the actual w-2 now that you are prepared enter your information in boxes a through F once that is done we can examine boxes 1 through 17 together looking first at both box 1 and our note number 1 we are entering the total of your employees wages wages include their salary but they also include other items such as Social Security offset the group life insurance calculation that you prepared earlier edit 2 any amounts paid under a non reimbursable plan you will reduce the total wages by the amount of any 403b contributions made by your clergy person note box 1 does not include any housing box 2 is the amount of federal income tax you withheld from your clergy persons pay or if none was withheld boxes 3 through 11 should be left blank box 12a should have a code c and the calculated amount of excess group life insurance entered box 12 B should either have a code e and the amount of the 403 B elective deferral in it or simply left blank box 14 can be left blank but if you want to it is acceptable to note the amount of housing paid to the clergy person during the year it's helpful to the clergy as a reminder but it's not required box 15 should be noted with an N J and your state ID number ending in a / 0 and then sometimes another of 1 or 2 bucks 16 should be the same as box 1 except without the deduction for the 403 B elective deferral New Jersey does not allow a deduction for the deferral bucks 17 is the amount of New Jersey income tax that you withheld from your clergy persons pay or if none was withheld please note these are the instructions for a New Jersey clergy person for Pennsylvania clergy there is no deduction for housing allowance allowed in box 16 in that case you must take our New Jersey example and add the amount of their housing for a box 16 total please remember if the church pays any individual whether an employee or not you may be required to report it to the IRS if so the report is due by January 31st the same as forms w2 hopefully this short video has given you enough information to properly complete your employees w2 if you are unsure about any aspect we urge you.

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