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How to complete any Form W-3C online:

  1. On the site with all the document, click on Begin immediately along with complete for the editor.
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Irs social security number correction form

Instructions and Help about Irs social security number correction form

Okay so you're really worried right now because you messed up the 1099 you put in the wrong social security number but everything else is right name address everything is right just a social security number was wrong why maybe because you know you said the eight was a 9 maybe wrote one twice something happened right is that a problem yeah but these are the bad know you can fix it and it's a con same thing no it's free its penalties nope just fix it so how do you do that simple a number one you software you can do it really quick and easy done right easy peasy option B go online to the IRS website request that information again basically go online and say I want another 1099 form send it to me wait a couple of weeks and then once you get it you can fill out the information right and then this time put in the right so Security number and on the top right slash middle of the page there's a little box you can check it says corrected check that box and then file it with your 1096 there 1096 is your annual total summary report right it's where you sign you gotta send it together because if you don't sign it the IRS says that this isn't real it's not really filed doesn't count so if you send your 1099 alone you're in for trouble make sure you send together okay the average 1099 employment tax audit is probably gonna cost you $26,000 it's a lot of money for a small business so stop worrying about things that don't matter like incorporating don't incorporate in Delaware and definitely don't incorporate Nevada take care of the important things like your employment taxes messing it up means that you're gonna be personally on the hook every time so check out our free employment tax guy and see what it works ok.

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